Teacher with student

Hudsonville Public Schools is committed to hiring exceptional teachers to work with the young people entrusted to us. You will find our teachers are certified in their field and care about your child.

Hudsonville Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Shalee Anderson

Teacher, Early Childhood

Shalee is one of the 3-year-old full-day teachers.  "I LOVE teaching ...

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Mrs. Kelsey Becksfort

Teacher, ECSE

ECSE teacher "Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up ...

Trisha Boukma

Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

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Miss Sharon Bullard

Teacher, Early Childhood

5 years+ experience as a Teacher and 6 years+ experience as Para-Professional Master...

Mrs. Holly Camfferman

Administrative Assistant

Graduate of Baker College & GVSU with an Associate's Degree in Child Developmen...

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Mrs. Jenny Care

Teacher, Early Childhood

Mrs. Care has been an employee with Hudsonville Public Schools for eight years+, spendi...

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Mrs. Hillary Cash

Teacher, Early Childhood

Hi, my name is Hillary Cash and I am one of the Four Year Old Half-Day Preschool T...

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Mrs. Kim Clark

Physical Therapist

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Mrs. Jeannette Crottie

Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Jeannette Crottie (B.A.s from Hope College, M.Ed from GVSU) has been blessed to be an e...

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Mrs. Mindy Dyke

Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Hi!  My name is Mindy Dyke and I teach pre-k at the ECC.  I graduated from GV...

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Mrs. Vicki Dykstra

Teacher, Early Childhood

I have been a teacher with Head Start for 6 years prior to coming to Hudsonville to tea...

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Mr. Dennis Hahn


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Mrs. Wendy Harmon

Teacher, Early Childhood

I have been a preschool teacher with the Early Childhood Center for over ten years+.&nb...

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Mrs. Susan Hendriksen

Teacher, Early Childhood

I am Sue Hendriksen and I teach the 3-year-old half-day preschool here at the Hudsonvil...

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Mrs. Karri Hubach

Teacher, Early Childhood

Welcome!!  My name is Karri Hubach, and I've been teaching preschool and GSRP ...

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Mrs. Shauna Karel

Speech-Language Pathologist, ECSE & ASD Preschool

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Mrs. Elizabeth Kinsman

Teacher, Physical Education

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Tricia Maday

Director, ECC Assistant

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Mrs. Shellie Martinie

Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Megan Meyer

Specialist, Behavioral

My name is Megan Meyer and I am the Behavior Consultant at the ECC.  I receiv...

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Mrs. Sara Murphy

Teacher, ECSE

My name is Sara Murphy and I teach Early Childhood Special Education at the ECC. I grad...

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Mrs. Melissa Patsiavos

Teacher, Early Childhood

My name is Melissa Patsiavos, and I teach 4-year-old preschool at the ECC. I graduated ...

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Mrs. Kate Randall

Autism Specialist and Social Worker

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Ms. Sandy Roelofs

Therapist, Occupational, Independent Contractor

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Mrs. Jessica Seitz

Teacher, Art

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Mrs. Jessica Sterling

Teacher, ASD

  My name is Jessica Sterling. I have a Master's Degree in Special Edu...

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Mrs. Kathryn Tenhaaf

Food Service (Food Prep), Early Childhood

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Mrs. Laura VandeKieft

Teacher, Early Childhood

My name is Laurie VandeKieft.   I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elemen...

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Mrs. Shannon VanderPloeg

Teacher, ECSE

I have been fortunate to teach ECSE for over 19 years+.  I graduated from West Mic...

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Mrs. AnnMarie VanDyk

Administrative Assistant, ECC

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Mrs. Joan VanFossan

Speech Pathologist,

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Mrs. Jane VanRijs

Teacher, Music

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Mrs. Rebecca VanSomeren

Director, Early Childhood

It has been a privilege to work within the Hudsonville Public Schools as the ...

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Mrs. Andrea VanSurksum

Teacher, Early Childhood

My name is Andrea VanSurksum, I live in Hudsonville with my husband and 4 kids.  I...

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Mrs. Kynedi Walters

Teacher, Early Childhood

My name is Kynedi Walters. I have been working at the ECC for five years. I started as ...

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Mrs. Heather Wolters

Teacher, Early Childhood

I teach the GSRP preschool program at the ECC. I have my Masters Degree in Early Childh...

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Ms Jodi Wolters

Teacher, Early Childhood

I received my bachelors degree from Aquinas College with a minor in Psychology.  T...

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