Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

School-wide implementation of PBIS takes into account three critical features — systems, practices, and data — that work together to promote positive, predictable, and safe environments for everyone in all school settings.  Hudsonville Public Schools has adopted the acronym, SOAR, to create consistency for all students K-12. 

SOAR stands for:  
Be Safe
Own It
Act Responsibly
Be Respectful

PBIS Specialists

Jamie Boerner

Jamie Boerner

Jill VanDanend
Forest Grove

Theresa Heethuis

Brian Renbarger

Brian Renbarger
Jamestown Lower

Nykole Britton

Nykole Britton
Jamestown Upper

Nykole Britton

Marc Arnoys
Baldwin St. MS

Krystyn Broersman

Krystyn Broersma
Riley S. MS

The RULER Approach

This year, your child is learning about the RULER approach for social-emotional learning, which is designed to help students recognize, understand, label, express and regulate their emotions in productive ways. Below you will find overview videos from the district PBIS Specialists that explain your child's upcoming RULER unit. Many of these units are focused on Feeling Words and others are focused on topics such as building community, emotional regulation strategies and empathy or perspective-taking. The units at the top are the most recent units of study that we welcome you to preview. At any given time, your child's teacher may be teaching a unit that is not the most recent due to a variety of circumstances. Please reach out to your child's classroom teacher if you would like more information on their current unit of study. We appreciate your partnership as you engage in at home learning opportunities with your child.

Unit 4 Feeling Word Units by Taylor VanRemmen