Vaping Information

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

Over the past several weeks, we have seen an increase in public media surrounding the use of ‘Vapes’ in our society. We are reaching out to ask for your assistance and also make you aware of the increased risk to our student population. We have prepared more information regarding e-cigarettes on our website and ask that you take the time as a family to discuss the real dilemma that our nation is presently facing. Hudsonville Public Schools will continue to be vigilant in dealing with these illegal materials and ask that you understand our stance that there is no place for any of these products on school grounds. 

While there are many adverse effects from the use of e-cigarettes, we also want you to be aware of the school and legal implications. Because of the health and safety risks involved with vaping, the use, distribution, and possession of vapes will be consistently addressed by the school administration. School consequences may include: 

  • Suspension from school;
  • Monitored passing/lunchtimes;
  • Loss of extra-curricular opportunities

There are additional ramifications for athletes, as the use or possession of these devices is a violation of the athletic code. There are also potential legal implications for students found using or possessing vapes. Specifically, minors may be issued a civil infraction, a misdemeanor, a $50 fine, participation in required coursework and/or community service depending on the age of the student and whether or not the vape contains nicotine. 

To support our students’ understanding of these health risks, our secondary health curriculum will soon address vaping and the potential impacts. Additional information can be found in the following links:

Center for Disease Control - Resource Page on Vaping
PBS Article on Physical Consequences of Vaping
DHHS Vape Presentation
Surgeon General Information on Vaping
Hudsonville Public Schools Website -- Family Resources
American Lung Association -- The Vape Talk