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Dear Hudsonville Community,

It appears mother nature wants to wait a bit for our typical Michigan snowfall. With limited snow on the ground, the days for skiing, sledding, and making snowmen have been sparse. A year ago we had nine snow days under our belt, and as of writing this, we have not had any this year….yet. We still could see our fair share of snow in the next few weeks, so don’t put those snow pants away just yet. During these winter months, we continue to plan for the future and celebrate all that Hudsonville has to offer. Following the passing of the bond vote last November, we have been hard at work developing plans for our new facilities. Of equal importance, over the next few months, we will be seeking feedback from our community in regard to our strategic plan. In this Appleseed, we also want to provide an update on the new third-grade reading law and as well as remind you to vote in May on the annual non-homestead millage.

Ever since the overwhelming community support of the election this past November, we have pushed forward at a fast pace to get construction plans underway. Following site visits to multiple facilities throughout the state and design meetings, we are now finalizing plans for the new 5/6 building, the high school/freshman campus connection, and the new field house. Please visit our website for up-to-date information regarding the various projects we are currently working on. We will also be sending out a ‘Construction Connection’ newsletter periodically to keep you informed.

The future of Hudsonville Public Schools remains a priority and over the next few months, we will be seeking input as we explore various programming needs of our district and how we can set priorities. We are now beginning the work on S.O.A.R. IV (Strategic Objectives to Achieve Results), and that will lead us into the future. During the month of February, we have established focus groups to help explore ideas intended to support the future of Hudsonville Public Schools. These groups will represent various members in the Hudsonville community, including parents of students attending Hudsonville Public Schools, senior citizens, booster members, and business representatives. Focus groups are established to ensure an understanding of the various needs of our district in 2020 and beyond. We will use the information from the focus groups to generate a survey that will be administered to our entire school community. This survey will include a multitude of subjects ranging from thoughts on curriculum, technology, program opportunities, and the district’s financial responsibilities. Later in the spring, this community survey will be available on our website and we ask for your feedback to help drive our next three-year strategic plan for Hudsonville Public Schools. 

In an effort to boost reading achievement, Michigan lawmakers passed the “Read by Grade Three Law” that requires extra support for K-3 students who are not reading at grade level. Please review the article in this edition of Appleseed written by Ami Taylor, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. This important law has little impact on Hudsonville due to the amazing work our parents and educators do preparing our students each and every day.

Also of great importance is an upcoming vote this spring. On May 5, Hudsonville School parents and community members will have the chance to vote on our annual Non-Homestead Millage renewal. This is an annual renewal request that voters have approved for the past 25 years and would generate approximately $5.3 million dollars of operating revenue for our school district. Please note, this is not a tax on primary residences and is not a new tax. Please get out and vote that day.

I hope you all had a great start to 2020 and are looking forward to a beautiful spring. Thank you for making Hudsonville an amazing place to live and grow.


Doug VanderJagt, Ph.D.