HPS Counseling Department

The HPS counseling team is committed to supporting all students by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes access, equity, and success.  In collaboration with all stakeholders, it is our mission to assist students in reaching their maximum potential of high academic achievement, social/emotional growth, and fulfill post-secondary goals.

Hudsonville High School

Rick Bolhuis
Students I-Mn
ext. 2021

Rebecca Dawson
Students A-De
ext. 2023

Erica Hoff
Students Mo-So
ext. 2506

Liesel Kennedy
Students Sp-Z
ext. 2505

Joe Kessel
Students Di-H
ext. 2022

Baldwin Street Middle School

Riley Street Middle School

Carolynn Herman

Emily Rasmussen
Students L-Z
ext. 3005

Jody VanZalen
Students A-K
ext. 3007

Emily Anderson
ext. 4005

Carolynn Herman
Students A-L
ext. 4007