High School Staff

Rob Matthews

Director of Transportation

  • Email Rob Matthews

Mr. Nate Allen

Asst. Principal

  • Email Nate Allen

Mr. Michael Anderson

Teacher, English

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  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-anderson (opens in new window)

Mrs. Deborah Andre

Teacher, Music

  • Email Deborah Andre
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/hps-choirs/home (opens in new window)

Ms. Anna Arendsen

Teacher, Foreign Language

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  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/arendsen/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Nicole Ball

Specialist, Library/Media Integration

  • Email Nicole Ball

Mrs. Kelsie Baumann

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Kelsie Baumann

Mr. Jordan Beel

Principal, High School

  • Email Jordan Beel

Mr. Marc Beemer

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Marc Beemer
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-beemer-s-history-page/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Kimberly Belka

Administrative Assistant, High School

  • Email Kimberly Belka

Mrs. Alyssa Bellers

Teacher, English


  • Email Alyssa Bellers

Mrs. Angela Bennett

Teacher, Life Skills

  • Email Angela Bennett
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-bennett-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Paul Bentley

Teacher, Math

  • Email Paul Bentley
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-bentley/ (opens in new window)
  • Email Anne Bentley-Braginton
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/ms-bentley-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Melissa Bernard

Coordinator, Student Services

  • Email Melissa Bernard

Keith Blair

Manager, Auditorium

  • Email Keith Blair

Mrs. Elizabeth Bocks

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email Elizabeth Bocks
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-bocks-website/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Christopher Bolhuis

Teacher, Science

  • Email Christopher Bolhuis
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-bolhuis/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Rick Bolhuis

Counselor, Secondary (I-Mn/Grades 9-12)

  • Email Rick Bolhuis

Katlyn Bruecker

Teacher, Family Consumer Sciences

  • Email Katlyn Bruecker

Mr. Steven Burns

Teacher, ASD

  • Email Steven Burns

Mrs. Delia Bush

Principal, High School Assistant

  • Email Delia Bush

Ms. Christine Busscher

Teacher, Math

  • Email Christine Busscher
  • sites.google.com/hpseagles.net/missbusscher/home (opens in new window)

Ms. McKenzie Cain

Teacher, Math

  • Email McKenzie Cain

Rachel Caswell

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Rachel Caswell

Chloe Cavalli

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Chloe Cavalli

Mr. Kevin Conkel

Teacher, Science

  • Email Kevin Conkel
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/conkels-cool-chemistry-classes/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Jill Conrad

Teacher, English

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  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-conrad (opens in new window)

Mrs. Susan Courson

Speech Pathologist,

  • Email Susan Courson

Mr. Brian Courville

Teacher, CI

  • Email Brian Courville
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-courville-s-class-page/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Michael Dalrymple

Social Worker,

  • Email Michael Dalrymple

Mrs. Rebecca Dawson

Counselor, Secondary

  • Email Rebecca Dawson
  • sites.google.com/hpseagles.net/dawson/home (opens in new window)

Dustin DeHare

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Dustin DeHare

Dr. Ronald Derrer


  • Email Ronald Derrer

Mr. Joseph DeSmit

Teacher, Business Education

  • Email Joseph DeSmit
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-desmit-s-site (opens in new window)

Mrs. Jennifer DeYoung

Teacher, Psychology

  • Email Jennifer DeYoung

Mrs. Kira Dykema

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Kira Dykema
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/aentingh/ (opens in new window)

Charity East

Teacher, English

  • Email Charity East

Ms. Jill Elenbaas

Administrative Assistant, Athletics

  • Email Jill Elenbaas

Mr. Kirt Elliott

Teacher, Science

  • Email Kirt Elliott
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-elliott-s-site/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Joshua Ernstes

Teacher, Science

  • Email Joshua Ernstes
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-ernstes-science-classroom/ (opens in new window)

Miss Raychel Figurski

Teacher, Math

  • Email Raychel Figurski

Andrea Gerrits

Teacher, Social Studies

Mr. Jason Glanville

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email Jason Glanville
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-glanville/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Casey Glass

Director, Athletics Assistant

  • Email Casey Glass
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/aentingh/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Trevor Goodman

Teacher, Math

  • Email Trevor Goodman

Mrs. Rechelle Goosen

Teacher, Vocational Education

  • Email Rechelle Goosen
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-goosen (opens in new window)

Mr. Todd Groothuis

Teacher, English

  • Email Todd Groothuis
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-groothuis-page/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Wayne Haight

Teacher, Technology Education

  • Email Wayne Haight
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-haight (opens in new window)
  • Email Jesse Handelsman

Pagiel Harmon

Teacher, Math

  • Email Pagiel Harmon

Mrs. Abigail Harrell

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Abigail Harrell
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/aentingh/?pli=1 (opens in new window)

Mr. Robert Henning

Teacher, English

  • Email Robert Henning
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-henning-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Ian Hewett

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Ian Hewett

Holly Hibma

Teacher, Math

  • Email Holly Hibma

Mrs. Erica Hoff

Counselor, Secondary

  • Email Erica Hoff
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-hoff-s-ap-psychology/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Eric Hune

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Eric Hune
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/hune/home (opens in new window)

Mrs. Kathleen Huyser

Administrative Assistant, Freshman Campus

  • Email Kathleen Huyser

Mrs. Amanda Isenga

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Amanda Isenga
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/aentingh/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Lauren Jenkins

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Lauren Jenkins
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/msmunozssite/home (opens in new window)

Mrs. Michelle Jesky

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Michelle Jesky
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrsjeskyspage/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Gregory Jordan

Teacher, Science

  • Email Gregory Jordan
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-jordan/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Mary Jordan

Teacher, School To Work & Co-Op

  • Email Mary Jordan
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-jordan-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Laura Kambestad

Teacher, English

  • Email Laura Kambestad

Mr. John Keegin

Teacher, English

  • Email John Keegin

Mrs. Liesel Kennedy

Counselor, High School

  • Email Liesel Kennedy

Mr. Joseph Kessel

Counselor, Secondary (Df-H/Grades 9-12)

  • Email Joseph Kessel

Ms. Kaylee Kessler

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Kaylee Kessler

Mr. John Kinnane

Teacher, Math

  • Email John Kinnane
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-kinnane-s-stats-site/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Christie Klaasen

Teacher, Math

Mr. Brian Kleinsmith

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Brian Kleinsmith
  • hudsonvillesonglaoshi.blogspot.com/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Ian Kobes

Aquatics Director

  • Email Ian Kobes

Miss Jennifer Lanphear

Teacher, Business Education

  • Email Jennifer Lanphear

Mr. David Lidgard

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email David Lidgard
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-lidgard-s-website (opens in new window)

Mrs. Bobbie Jo Maly

Teacher, CI

  • Email Bobbie Jo Maly
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-maly/ (opens in new window)

Christopher Marvin

Teacher, Social Studies, English

  • Email Christopher Marvin

Mr. Christopher Marvin

Teacher, English and Social Studies

  • Email Christopher Marvin

Phillip Matthews

Teacher, Business Education

  • Email Phillip Matthews

Mr. Jeff McCune

Teacher, Science

  • Email Jeff McCune
  • blogs2.hudsonville.k12.mi.us/groups/mrmccune/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Matthew Meerman

Teacher, Math

  • Email Matthew Meerman
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/meerman/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Jason Meyer

Teacher, Art

  • Email Jason Meyer
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-meyer-website/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Jodi Meyer

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email Jodi Meyer
  • blogs2.hudsonville.k12.mi.us/groups/jlmeyer1/ (opens in new window)

Megan Morehouse

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email Megan Morehouse

Mr. Mark Mulder

Teacher, Social Studies

Year Started 1997

  • Email Mark Mulder
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-mulder-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Ms. Casey D Murphy

Teacher, Resource Room

  • Email Casey Murphy

Mr. Erik Nederveld


  • Email Erik Nederveld

Mr. Adam Nelson

Teacher, Math

  • Email Adam Nelson

Mrs. Lindsey OGorman

Teacher, Life Skills

  • Email Lindsey OGorman
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-o-gormans-foodies (opens in new window)

Mr. Joel Olson

Assistant Principal, High School

  • Email Joel Olson

Mrs. Emily Ouzts

Teacher, CI

  • Email Emily Ouzts

Mrs. Kristina Payton

Teacher, Art

  • Email Kristina Payton
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/paytondigitalphotography/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Bradley Prince

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Bradley Prince
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-prince/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Stacey Raad

Administrative Assistant, Attendance

  • Email Stacey Raad

Mr. Douglas Ragan

Teacher, Science

  • Email Douglas Ragan
  • dragan38.wix.com/mrragan (opens in new window)

Mr. Christopher Ray

Title 1 Para-Pro

  • Email Christopher Ray

Casey Reicha

Teacher, Math

  • Email Casey Reicha

Mrs. Jaime Reuter

Teacher, Physics

  • Email Jaime Reuter
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-reuter-s-website/?pli=1 (opens in new window)

Mr. Dirk Roberts

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

  • Email Dirk Roberts
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-roberts/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Jennifer Roels

Teacher, EI

  • Email Jennifer Roels
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/aentingh/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Michael Rottier

Teacher, Science

  • Email Michael Rottier
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-rottier-s-website/home (opens in new window)

Mr. Brent Sandee

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Brent Sandee
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-sandee-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Casey Schichtel

Teacher, Math

  • Email Casey Schichtel
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-schichtel-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Rebecca Schipper

Teacher, English

  • Email Rebecca Schipper
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-schipper--english/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Michael Signore

Teacher, Math

  • Email Michael Signore
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-signore-s-website (opens in new window)

Mr. Dwight Sneden

Specialist, Event/Facility Support

  • Email Dwight Sneden

Mrs. Sarah Snip

Administrative Assistant, Freshman Campus

  • Email Sarah Snip

Darien Stimley

Teacher, ELL

  • Email Darien Stimley

Mr. Colin Sullivan

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Colin Sullivan
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-sullivan-s-course-page (opens in new window)

Mr. Chad Sytsma

Teacher, Business Education

  • Email Chad Sytsma
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-sytsma-s-class-information/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Joe Szymanski

Assistant Principal, High School

  • Email Joe Szymanski

Ann Takken

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Ann Takken

Mrs. Kelly TenBrock

Teacher, Computers

  • Email Kelly TenBrock
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-tenbrock/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Jeff Tubergen

Social Worker,

  • Email Jeff Tubergen

Mrs. Julie Tuuk

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Julie Tuuk

Mrs. Andrea Twigg

Interventionist, MTSS

  • Email Andrea Twigg
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-twigg-s-webpage/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Jared Underhill

Teacher, Economics

  • Email Jared Underhill

Mr. Christopher VanAntwerp

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

Mr. Craig VanderWall

Teacher, Music

  • Email Craig VanderWall
  • www.hudsonvillebands.org (opens in new window)

Mr. James VanderWeide

Teacher, Physics

Mr. Brady VanMalsen

Teacher, English

  • Email Brady VanMalsen

Holly VanNoord

Teacher, Physical Education

  • Email Holly VanNoord

Mr. Thomas VanNortwick Jr

Teacher, English

  • Email Thomas VanNortwick Jr
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-vannortwick-s-site/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Angie Vannoy

Testing Center Para Pro

  • Email Angie Vannoy

Ms. Brandy Walker

Teacher, Social Studies

  • Email Brandy Walker
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mrs-walker-s-world-history/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Christine Webster

Teacher, Science

  • Email Christine Webster
  • blogs2.hudsonville.k12.mi.us/groups/websterscienceclasses/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Lauren Wedge

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Lauren Wedge
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/frau-wedge-s-website/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Sarah Whittle

Teacher, English

  • Email Sarah Whittle

Ms. Mikayla Zaglaniczny

Teacher, English

  • Email Mikayla Zaglaniczny

Mr. Paul Zielinski

Teacher, English

  • Email Paul Zielinski
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-zielinski (opens in new window)

Mrs. Sara Zielinski

Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Email Sara Zielinski
  • szielins1.wix.com/spanish (opens in new window)

Mr. Kyle Zomerlei

Teacher, Science

  • Email Kyle Zomerlei
  • sites.google.com/a/hpseagles.net/mr-z-s-earth-science/ (opens in new window)