Bus Rider Rules

  1. Students must obey the instruction and direction of the school bus driver. Driver is authorized to assign seats.
  2. Students must be on time to ride the school bus, board and depart at their scheduled stop location, stay off the roadway and maintain proper conduct while waiting to board or upon leaving a school bus. They must cross the street in front of, not behind, the bus and must not hit the sides or windows.
  3. Students may lift the emergency exit handle or use the emergency exits only during an emergency or with the permission of the bus driver.
  4. Students must keep hands and head inside the bus, and may not throw any object, including snowballs, on, at, or out of the bus windows.
  5. Students must not move about or change seats on the bus without the permission of the driver, nor may they speak loudly, shout, or create any other disturbing noise. Students must not tease, scuffle with or fight with fellow passengers.
  6. Students must not litter the bus. No eating or drinking on the bus without permission.
  7. Students must not use profane, vulgar, or abusive language, or make obscene gestures.
  8. Students must not damage or vandalize the school bus. Students will be required to pay for repair of damage.
  9. Possession or use of laser lights, firecrackers, smoke bombs, or other incendiary devises is strictly forbidden. Use of various substances (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or illegal drugs) as well as possession and/or being under the influence of these substances is forbidden.
  10. Students must comply with the rules and regulations of the student handbook of the Hudsonville Public Schools adopted by the Board of Education. This handbook provides for a hearing for a student accused of violations listed above.

Suspension from riding any school bus for five school days shall occur after a student accumulates seven penalty points.

Suspension from riding any school bus for an additional ten school days shall occur after a student accumulates ten penalty points.

Suspension from riding any school bus for the remainder of the school year shall occur after a student accumulates thirteen penalty points.

Changes in regular pick up and delivery of students must be approved by the Director of Transportation.