Bus Rider Expectations

Hudsonville Public Schools utilizes Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) district-wide as a way to foster positive, predictable, and safe environments for everyone in all school settings, including on the school bus.

PBIS - Voice Level 2 - Bus Loop and Bus Ride Rules and Expectations. Be Safe. Own It. Act Responsibly. Be Respectful

SOAR Cards

Student who demonstrate positive behavior on the school bus may be given a SOAR Card from their bus driver. These cards can be turned in at the main office of the student's school building to be entered into weekly drawings for prizes. Elementary Students are acknowledged as "Bus Champions" at school and may win a variety of age-appropriate prizes. At the Secondary level, SOAR cards earned on the bus or at school are collected by grade level and regular drawings are held where students can recieve age-appropriate rewards.

Behavior Referrals

While our schools are focusing on acknowleging our student's positive choices, students who engage in unsafe behaviors may be issued a Behavior Referral. This formal reprimand is emailed out from the Transportation Director to a student's caretakers, and outlines the behavioral concern and any disciplinary actions that may be neccessary. Hudsonville Public Schools utilizes a points-based progressive disciplinary system. Points are assessed based on the severity of the behavior and the developmental level of the student. Suspension of bus riding privilages occur at the following levels:

7 Behavior Points Riding Privilages Suspended for Five (5) School Days
10 Behavior Points Riding Privilages Suspended for Ten (10) School Days
13 Behavior Points Riding Privilages Suspended for the remainder of the Academic Year

Any suspension of bus riding privilages includes all forms of HPS Transportation Services such as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This includes field trips, athletic transportation, and inter-building shuttle services provided either by school bus or district-owned motor pool vehicles.

Behavior points reset at the beginning of each academic year. Any behavior points assessed on the final week of school will roll over into the following academic year.