Georgetown Staff Members

Mrs. Cassandra Baas

Teacher, 5th Grade

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Mrs. Jennifer Baker

Teacher, Kindergarten

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Mrs. Diana Bast

Teacher, 2nd Grade

Areas of Expertise Reading Intervention Year Started 2006 Degrees Rdg. Special...

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Miss Brenna Bastien

Teacher, 3rd Grade

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Mrs. Kierstin Beyer

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Abigail Blauwkamp

Teacher, 1st Grade

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Mrs. Amber Bretz

Teacher, Music

Year Started 1997 Degrees Masters Vocal Music Education (VanderCook College of Mus...

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Mrs. Meagan Chmura

Art Teacher

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Jillian Coleman

Teacher, Music

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Mr. Matthew Cooley

Specialist, PBIS

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Mrs. Victoria Cooley

Teacher, 1st Grade

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Mr. Michael Dalrymple

Social Worker,

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Mrs. Taylor Diniz

Teacher, Kindergarten

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Mrs. Giovanna Estefan

Teacher, 4th Grade

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Ms. Cynthia Fischer

Teacher, 5th Grade

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Mrs. Mackenzie Frens

Teacher, 2nd Grade

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Mrs. Bethany Gates

Teacher, 2nd Grade

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Miss Lauren Girard


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Mrs. Charlotte Greenlund

Teacher, 3rd Grade

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Mrs. Amy Hoekstra

Administrative Assistant, Elementary

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Mrs. Karman Houtstra

Teacher, 3rd Grade

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Ms. Allix Hutchison

Teacher, First Grade

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Mr. Curtis Kooiker

Teacher, 4th Grade

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Mrs. Lisa Kuieck

Teacher, 2nd Grade

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Mrs Emily Kuiper

Teacher, 1st Grade

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Mrs. Joy L Lopez

Teacher, 3rd Grade

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Mr. Stephan Morren

Teacher, S.T.E.A.M.

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Mrs. Taraynn Nienhuis

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

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Mrs. Abbi Onofrio

Teacher, 4th Grade

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Mrs. Julie Reifschneider

Teacher, Resource Room

Year Started 2000 Degrees Bachelors in Education/Learning Disabilities Hope Colleg...

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Mrs. Angela Reynolds

Teacher, 5th Grade

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Mr. Joe Rosekopf

Custodian, Building

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Mrs. Nicole Sinke

Interventionist, MTSS

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Mrs. Kristina Speidel

Speech Pathologist,

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Mrs. Audrey Straub

Clerk, Office

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Mrs. Jennifer Stutz

Teacher, Kindergarten

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Mrs. Camryn Swiatiowski

Psychologist, ASD

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Mrs. Heather M Tindall

Teacher, Kindergarten

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Miss Ashley VanArkel

Teacher, 3rd Grade

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Mrs. Julie VandenBerg

Para-Pro, Library

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Mrs. Jennifer VanHouten

Teacher, 4th Grade

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Mrs. Shelly VanKoevering

Teacher, PE, Health and Wellness

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Mrs. Sarah VanWieren

Teacher, ELL

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Mr. Randall Waldie


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Ms Alyssa Wiebenga

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Sarah Wysocki

Teacher, 5th Grade

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Miss Jill Zink

Site Supervisor

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