Sex Education Advisory Board

The composition of the Hudsonville Public Schools' Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB) is defined by applicable State Law. The volunteer board includes representatives from the following groups: parents of children in the district, HPS staff/educators, healthcare professionals, local clergy, and high school students. The committee meets to review current curriculum materials and make recommendations to the HPS Board of Education regarding the reproductive health and sex education/health curriculum. The SEAB functions in accordance with Michigan legal guidelines and works to follow best practices in health education while maintaining compliance with state laws and local community priorities.

The SEAB is responsible for:

  • Establishing program goals and objectives for pupil knowledge and skills that are likely to reduce the rates of sex, pregnancy, and STDs.
  • Reviewing and recommending materials and methods to the local school board, taking into consideration the district’s needs, demographics, and trends including, but not limited to, teenage pregnancy rates, STD rates, and incidents of sexual violence and harassment.
  • Evaluating, measuring, and reporting the attainment of program goals and objectives and making the resulting report available to parents in the district at least once every two years. (§380.1507)

Teaching/ Learning

Hudsonville Public Schools Reproductive Health Goals and Objectives

The primary resource used for instruction at Hudsonville Public Schools is Michigan Model for Health.  The Michigan Model is based on the State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) and The Michigan Merit Curriculum Credit Guidelines for Health Education.  Click HERE to see the State Standards.  In 2019, the Hudsonville Public Schools Board of Education approved a set of Abstinence Based Michigan Model Lessons for use in our reproductive health lessons at the Middle School and High School level.  Not all Abstinence Based lessons from Michigan Model are contained within instruction for HPS students.  For more information regarding specific lessons included in our HPS reproductive health curriculum, please contact your child’s school for more details.



2023 - 24 Meeting Dates and Minutes