Curriculum Maps

Hudsonville Public Schools curriculum is aligned with Michigan Department of Education Content Expectations. K-12 subject area curriculum committees meet to review, evaluate, develop, and write horizontally and vertically aligned curriculum and assessments. Horizontal alignment assures that all students have access to the same curriculum regardless of which Hudsonville Public School they attend or teacher they are assigned. Vertical articulation addresses the transition between one grade or subject level to the next. This on-going, cyclical process includes research, analysis of current practice, selection of appropriate resources, and implementation. 

Upon further review of the curriculum maps below and the links provided in these documents, if a parent would like to review any curriculum used in their child's classroom, they may follow the below procedures for the opportunity to do so. Parents may reach out with a request to review the curriculum at the building or district level.

The building or the curriculum office will share times and dates of availability for the review and gather pertinent curriculum resources. 

When the parent arrives at the building or administration office, they will be greeted by an identified staff member and provided a quiet, confidential space to review the curriculum.  Identified staff remain available to answer and/or record any questions the parent may have and ensure there is follow up to the parent if applicable.