Students with Health Conditions

Please complete the health profile section of your child’s registration form with detailed information to make us aware of your child’s health status and school needs.  

If your child has a health condition that requires monitoring and treatment at school that is not listed below, please contact contact one of the school nurses at (616)669-1740 ext. 1074 to discuss your child’s individual school health plan.

If your child has any of the following health conditions listed below (severe allergy, asthma, diabetes, seizures) that require treatment and/or a medication at school, please provide the required form(s) listed below from your child’s specialist.

  • A Medical Management Plan is a standard, template form from a health specialist that outlines a student’s individual school health needs. A Medical Management Plan form may have a specific name/title depending on the health condition – see the information below for required forms for each health condition.

  • A new, updated Medical Management Plan is required for each school calendar year and is due at the start of each calendar year.

  • The School Nurse reviews each Medical Management Plan and ensures that staff is trained and processes are in place for your child’s school health needs.

  • To submit Medical Management Plans and Medication Authorization Forms, please send them directly to the school office.