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In our efforts to keep you up to date and paperless, we will be using to communicate through text message "cells". These "cells" can be received as text messages or emails. All of the students will also be using their school email accounts to join a cell. To join a specific "cell":

HHS Orchestras: text @HPSOrchestras to 23559
BSMS Orchestras: text @BMSOrchs to 23559
RSMS Orchestras: text @RMSOrchs to 23559

You will periodically receive messages from any of the directors. You can also send questions or comments back to us but only we will receive them. This network is NOT like Twitter where you would receive any tweets that apply to the orchestras.

We have created a Tutorial that will show you how to use a web-browser to:

  • Sign-up for a
  • Join a cell
  • Leave a cell