Special Education Staff

Mrs. Lauri Achterhof

Teacher, English

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Mrs. Melissa Bernard

Coordinator, Student Services

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Mrs. Kim Clark

Physical Therapist

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Mrs. Susan Courson

Speech Pathologist,

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Mr. Brian Courville

Teacher, CI

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Mr. Michael Dalrymple

Social Worker,

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Dr. Ronald Derrer


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Mrs. Annie Dykstra

Social Worker

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Mrs. Sarah Feenstra

Social Worker

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Kindal Gillstedt


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Mrs. Kathryn Goniwiecha

Speech Pathologist,

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Traci Gulch

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mr. Dennis Hahn


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Mrs. Abigail Harrell

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Rachel Hekman

Teacher, CI

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Mrs. Candi Hibbitts

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Rebecca Hoekstra

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Lisa Kaltrider

Therapist, Physical, Independent Contractor

Mrs. Shauna Karel

Speech-Language Pathologist, ECSE & ASD Preschool

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Mrs. Melissa Kluck

Speech Pathologist, ASD

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Mrs. Bobbie Jo Maly

Teacher, CI

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Mrs. Sara Murphy

Teacher, ECSE

My name is Sara Murphy and I teach Early Childhood Special Education at the ECC. I grad...

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Heidi Newenhouse

Teacher, CI

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Mrs. Doni Nurenberg

Administrative Assistant, Special Services

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Mrs. Aimee Paul

Teacher, Resource Room

Mrs. Jennifer Pell

Teacher, CI

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Mrs. Julie Reifschneider

Teacher, Resource Room

Year Started 2000 Degrees Bachelors in Education/Learning Disabilities Hope Colleg...

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Mrs. Kathy Ridlington

Speech Pathologist,

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Ms. Sandy Roelofs

Therapist, Occupational, Independent Contractor

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Matthew Schoenfeld


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Mrs. Jennifer Schofield Gietzen

Therapist, Physical, Independent Contractor

Amy Smith

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mrs. Kristina Speidel

Speech Pathologist,

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Mrs. Heather Stauffer

Coordinator, Special Education

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Mrs. Camryn Swiatiowski

Psychologist, ASD

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Mrs. Ashley TenBrock


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Amanda Thomas

Director of Special Services

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Mr. Jeff Tubergen

Social Worker,

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Mrs. Shannon VanderPloeg

Teacher, ECSE

I have been fortunate to teach ECSE for over 19 years+.  I graduated from West Mic...

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Mrs. Joan VanFossan

Speech Pathologist,

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Martha VanHouzen

Teacher, Resource Room

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Mr. Matthew Walker

Teacher, Resource Room

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