Hudsonville Orchestra Program Logo

Vision Statement

The Hudsonville Orchestra Program:

  1. Is an integral part of the Hudsonville Music Program that works cooperatively to provide a comprehensive music education.
  2. Is based on a curriculum that will allow the students to take part in any musical expierence that is available.
  3. Strives to create life-long learners of and participants in music.
  4. Is considered at all secondary levels to be one of the best orchestra programs in the country.
  5. Is a program that attracts private teachers, professors, and student teachers who want to be a part of the program.
  6. Is invited and accepted to perform at conventions and events throughout the country on a regular basis.

Members of the Hudsonville Orchestra Program:

  1. Are professional in their demeanor.
  2. Are invested in their personal development as string musicians and members of society.
  3. Actively seek out varied musical activities.
  4. Are enthusiastic about and supportive of the program, other students, and themselves.
  5. Apply the three D's: Discipline, Dedication, and Desire.