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English Learner (EL)

English Learner Staff

Aimee Dittmer - EL District Facilitator
Darien Stimley - High School
Jesse Dueck - Baldwin and Riley Middle Schools
Katie Schwerin - 5/6G
Breanna Brink - Jamestown Upper Elementary
Hannah Le - Jamestown Lower Elementary
Sarah VanWieren - South/Forest Grove Elementary
Amal Shohate - Bauer/Georgetown/Park Elementary
Acacia VandeBunte - Alward Elementary

Hudsonville Public Schools’ EL program is dedicated to helping English Learner (EL) students succeed in their K-12 classrooms. Students with a “yes” response on either of the language questions from their registration form are given the WIDA Screener. Their English language proficiency (ELP) scores from the WIDA Screener determine their qualification for EL services. These services may include push-in or pull-out classroom support as well as frequent monitoring. The EL teachers work on both language and academic goals with their English Learners.

During February and March all EL students, regardless of the services they receive, take the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs English language proficiency assessment. Students qualify to exit from the EL program once they demonstrate proficiency on both the WIDA ACCESS test as well as a state-determined reading assessment. Students who are exited from the program are monitored by the EL teacher for four years to ensure that they continue to succeed in the classroom.