Here are some ideas for getting help with your classes:

  1. Consider attending After School Tutoring. After School Tutoring is always available, Mon through Thur, from 3-4 pm in the Media Center. We can attempt to match you up with a tutors from either the NHS or GVSU who are majoring and minoring in the subjects you need help with. There is no obligation to come everyday, or all hour. Come when you can. Unfortunately, no transportation is provided, so you'll need to find a ride home. Contact your counselor for more information.
  2. Consider asking a friend in your class if they want to form a study group. Study groups are a great way to compare notes, study for tests, and encourage each other.
  3. Consider asking a friend who took the class in a previous year, or Trimester, if they would like to tutor you.
  4. If all else fails, you could hire a tutor. Some students will call the subject area departments at GVSU for potential tutors, others have sought out the help of local tutoring companies, and some have hired high school students who were previously successful in the course you need help in. Other students have used tutoring companies such as Achieve Tutoring Center or Sylvan Learning Center.