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Dear Community,

It is our sincere hope that you are enjoying our wonderful Michigan summer weather and not longing for the early morning snow day robo call!  While the majority of students and parents are probably not yet ready to set alarms and pack lunches, the staff at Hudsonville schools are busy hiring, scheduling, and planning for the upcoming school year.  

On June 20th, forty students, parents, board members, and faculty met to comb through 850 pages of data and findings from our community research. Throughout the last school year, over 4,000 parents, students, staff, and community members participated in either one of eleven focus groups or completed a comprehensive needs assessment survey which provided us with valuable data to drive our long-range strategic plan, S.O.A.R. III.  As Eagles, we aspire to “soar” into continuous improvement.  

S.O.A.R. stands for Strategic Objectives to Achieve Results and outlines our district’s goals and priorities for the next three years.  Through the data, our team identified specific goals in the areas of Human Services, Operations, and Teaching and Learning.  

Work around one of the Teaching and Learning goals, Communicate and expand opportunities to challenge high-achieving students, has already begun with the Hudsonville Board of Education’s recent approval of two new Advanced Placement courses: Computer Science Principles and Environmental Science.  Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses where students can complete an AP exam and if their score is high enough, will receive university credit. 

During the 2016-17 school year, 638 students participated in AP courses. With the two new additions and increased interest in existing AP offerings, 833 requests have been submitted for the 2017-18 school year!  Our students’ participation and success in Advanced Placement coursework have helped place Hudsonville High School on the Washington Post’s 2017 Most Challenging High Schools in America. And perhaps even more amazing, one of our graduating seniors earned enough credits through the AP track to enter the University of Michigan this fall as a second-semester sophomore.

Once the  Hudsonville Board of Education formally adopts S.O.A.R. III as our three-year strategic plan, it will be distributed to all families and available on our website.  Thank you to everyone who participated in either a focus group, completed a survey, or participated in the planning session in June.

As a district, we continue to honor our mission to “educate, challenge, and inspire all learners to become contributing, responsible members of a global society.”


Dr. Nick Ceglarek, Superintendent