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Dear Hudsonville Community,

The famous American author Lou Buscaglia once penned, “Change is the end result of all true learning.”  As we enter 2018, our district will have many opportunities to reflect on our learning from focus groups and surveys to improve our facilities and services.  In a time of transition, we will continue to listen to our constituents and move forward in a positive fashion.  Please allow me to provide data on three upcoming events that will have a significant impact our our school district moving forward.  

Results from our facilities focus groups are in and available for our constituents to review with a detailed report found on our website.  For those who don’t want to comb through the fourteen page report, an executive summary is also posted.  Using the results from the focus groups, our Board of Education requested our architects to provide cost effective concepts to utilize the recently acquired property and facility adjacent to our high school.  We will keep our community updated as the project progresses.

On May 8, two ballot proposals will come before Hudsonville School parents and community members.  The first is our annual Non-Homestead Millage renewal.  This is an annual renewal voters have approved for the past 23 years and would generate approximately $4.4 million dollars of operating revenue for our school district.  It is important to note this is not a tax on primary residences and is not a new tax.  Additionally, the State of Michigan assumes all districts levy the full 18 mills. If voters reject the proposal, our district’s state aid is reduced accordingly.  

The second proposal is our Building and Site Sinking Fund.  Effective March of 2017, Public Act 319 expanded a district’s ability to utilize Building and Site Funds for security and technology.  The House passed the bill in June, 2016 with a vote of 107-1, and the Senate passed it 36-0 in October, 2016.  Even though Hudsonville has had this millage for the past 25 years, because the legislature expanded the use, the ballot language will suggest it is a new millage.  It is important to note that both millages will MAINTAIN our citizens’ current millage rate and will not raise taxes. Previous improvements made as a result of this one mill levy have included additional classrooms to accommodate all day every day kindergarten, roof repairs, boiler replacements, and land acquisitions.

Finally, the Board of Education greatly appreciates the feedback they have received through surveys and focus groups regarding the superintendent search process.  A superintendent search timeline has been posted on our website.  The Board will be prioritize selection criteria and candidate requirements based on the data collected at an upcoming work session. While it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as Hudsonville Public Schools’ Superintendent for the past nine years, I am confident your feedback and the board’s dedication will result in finding the best candidate to lead the district into the future. Please continue to monitor the website for updated information.


Dr. Nick Ceglarek, Superintendent