Differentiation and Acceleration

In Hudsonville Public Schools, we work together with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to provide the appropriate level and depth of differentiation and/or acceleration. We feel this approach impacts a broad number of students, while providing individualized instruction, enabling each student to strive to reach his or her potential.


Teachers work to create various differentiation opportunities within the classroom setting to accommodate the needs of all learners. This may include classroom enrichment projects, flexible grouping, and differentiated content expectations. Teachers also work directly with administrators, students, and families to facilitate individual options for acceleration when appropriate.

Middle School

The middle school curriculum is set up to offer accelerated coursework in both mathematics and English language arts. Students can qualify to accelerate in mathematics as early as 6th grade, which enables them to take high school level coursework as an 8th grader. The English language arts acceleration cycle begins for qualifying students in 8th grade when they are given the opportunity to take English 1.

High School

The high school curriculum is set up to offer Advanced Placement coursework in math, science, English, psychology, and social studies. Hudsonville Public Schools also works with local universities to offer dual enrollment opportunities for students demonstrating readiness for college level coursework.