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3370 Allen Street
Hudsonville, MI 49426-

Phone: (616) 669-1510
Fax: (616) 379-7993

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School Hours
7:50 AM - 2:45 PM

Matt Blood
Building Principal
(616) 669-1510

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Freshman Campus Blog. In order to improve school to home communication, we have created an information blog for families to follow by visiting the HFC Blog at www.hudsonvillefreshmancampus.blogspot.com. If you would prefer to have an email sent to you whenever there is new information added to our blog, you can add your email address to the "Follow By Email" box on the site.

Freshman Student Website. This site is a place to find all of the answers to questions you have about your Freshman year!

High School Advisory Program

One of our District’s strategic plan (S.O.A.R. II) goals is to “ensure every student feels connected to and supported by at least one HPS staff  member to cultivate a caring environment and a greater sense of belonging.” One of the strategies to meet this goal is the implementation of an “Advisory Program.”

"Advisory" is a program where each student is assigned to the same teacher “advisor” for the school year. The goals of Advisory is for relationship building and academic advising, as well as activities to promote career development and post secondary planning.

Click on the following link for a calendar of Advisory days and activities:

Our Mission Statement

Together at Hudsonville High School we will ensure a quality learning environment where all graduates will have developed the skills to be contributing members of society.

Belief Statements:

At Hudsonville Freshman Campus, we believe that:

  • Education is a triad of school, parents and students
  • Learning is a lifelong process
  • Students learn differently and a variety of teaching styles should be incorporated
  • Students deserve a variety of educational opportunities (Academic, Social, Athletic)
  • Students must learn respect of self and others
  • The school should be a safe, sound, clean, inviting environment