Course Offerings, Test Out, and Credit Recovery

Hudsonville High School Course Offerings Guide:  Students can now access our course offering guide online!  Please use this guide to assist with course selection, plan for the future and find out more about the many elective options available to HHS students.  The course offering guide also contains videos for most subject areas that will help students make informed decisions regarding their course selections.  

Summer School Credit Recovery Courses: Any Hudsonville High School student who has not passed a class in high school, and would like to retake it over the summer as an online class, may do so by turning in this summer school form.  Please also see this information on cost, dates, times that the lab is open, and further summer school information.

Careerline Tech Center: CTC is the Ottawa County career tech center. A variety of career and college prep programs are available.  Use this link to research their programs.  CTC is open to juniors and seniors. Applications come out in January, and are due mid February, in order to attend for the 2019-20 school year. Students can still apply after Feb 14th.  However, late apps will be placed after on time applications.  The online Tech Center application instructions are available here.  Please note that transportation is something to consider.  The AM Tech Center bus leaves at 7:25 and the PM Tech Center bus arrives back at 3:15.  As a result, students will most likely need to provide their own transportation to and from HHS in order to ride the Tech Center bus.  Otherwise, students are allowed to drive themselves to the Tech Center.

Test Out Registration: Testing out takes place in August each year. Register online for the test(s) you would like to test out of.  The fee for each test is $10 which is non-refundable.  If you prefer to write a check and send it to school with your child, you may opt to print out the testing out documents and return them to either the guidance office or the freshman campus office. Registration must be completed by by May 1, 2019.

Independent Study:  Students wishing to pursue deeper learning in a topic that is either not offered at HHS or that they have exceeded the offerings for may consider pursuing an independent study.   Students need to have a current staff member serve as their instructor and they need to fill out and turn in the indendent study form prior to the trimester that they plan to complete the course.   Independent studies must be approved by administration and are limited to those that are deemed acadmecially challenging and geered towards a student's preparation for higher learning in the topic.  The form can be found here.