Elementary 1 to 1 Parent Information

Computer girl

Purpose & Vision

We hope 1 to 1 will enhance teaching and learning in the following ways:

  • Represent and facilitate learning in enhanced, engaging ways
  • Increase relevance by making connections outside the classroom and addressing real-world problems
  • Increase access to resources and services 
  • Improve identification of student academic needs
  • Prepare students to thrive in a digital world 

Key Details

  • Each K-5 classroom now has a cart of Chromebooks with enough devices for each student. PreK has sets of iPads
  • Staff have been given resources that will show students how to properly care for and use the devices.
  • The district has a web filter in place to block inappropriate content.
  • Students can use their district Google account outside of school to access classwork. Please get in touch with your child’s teacher for details.
If your student is quarantined or has a device assigned to them for use at home, you can refer to these slides if you would like information on the device's functions.


If you have general questions, please email Instructional Technology Director, Craig Steenstra, at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the work of Hudsonville Public Schools.