Communication Preferences Survey Results


As a school district, it is imperative that parents and guardians receive accurate and timely information. We want to ensure that what gets sent will reach our target audience. A short survey, which was filled out anonymously by parents and guardians, was created to assess the preferred delivery method to get a better snapshot of how best to communicate. 

We discovered that the preferred method to receive urgent or emergency information was by text message, which would then get followed up by an email with more detailed information.

For general non-urgent information, the survey revealed that an email was best, but many participants indicated that they would like to receive an email and a text.

Lastly, we wanted to learn if parents and guardians would value having a dedicated, customizable app. The results were clear; over 67% indicated that they would be interested or very interested.

As we move forward with our communications, we will follow the preferences indicated by our parents and guardians. 

Looking ahead, we realize that engagement options will evolve, and we will continue to explore ways to engage our parents and the community.

Survey Results