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Hudsonville Aquatics Families, Patrons, and Guests,

Happy Day! It has been a while since we last had the pleasure of seeing you in and around the pool.  Our hope over the coming days and weeks is to get our patrons back in the pools here in Hudsonville.  Our pool department will be working closely with our school administrators and district officials to provide you with a clear and concise vision of our opening.  We look forward to the days of hosting team practice, swim lessons, aerobics classes, and competitions.  We will provide the community with the safest and most efficient experience back in the pool.

We anticipate opening the pool slowly and to add appropriate programming that reflects Hudsonville Public Schools Return to School Guidebook.  Our first objective is to get current in-season participants back into our facilities.  We will then look to continue the commitment to open for lessons and competitive programs for Hudsonville Public Schools students and residents.  We also will look to re-engage in our community swimming times and aerobics classes. 

This season ahead will bring some new and exciting things, as well as some changes from seasons past.  We will continue to update the folks participating with the most up to date information that we have.  Please know that the information we share with you today may not be the same as tomorrow.  We will do our best to meet your needs here at the pool as best as we can.  In this communication, we are including some information in this news post for you to make the best possible choice for your family.

  • All participants and coaches will participate in a pre-screening procedure.
  • Spectators will not be allowed in the stands during lessons or swim team practices.  We would ask if you would like to stay, please do so outside in one of our green spaces.
  • Lesson programming will be altered significantly.  Levels 1-3 will be a modified lesson with a Parent needing to be in the water with their child. We will allow 2 children per household in the water with each lesson. 
  • Heat Swim, Diving, and Waterpolo programming may have a cap with number limitations depending on bather load capacity set forth by the State Pool Department.
  • Additional cleaning procedures and gaps between activities will be implemented.

We will post new information regularly on our website under the news tab.  We will do our best to email out and communicate with our patrons on a regular basis over many types of communication platforms.  

We are excited to see you all soon!